30 . March . 2011

. happy 12th bday, njc .

we love you
to the moon + back, babe.

yesterday afternoon’s baking
yeilded birthday cupcakes for
after school today;
bring on the birthday.

goody bags for
his homeroom class

super N birthday pancake

loved the ‘uncle nate’ title
from morv + jono

birthday sister with mouth full
of british chocolate from n’s pkg

Big Man twelve year old
with his beloved birthday minions

time to hit the road, jack

may the Lord be with you, cates men;
and also with you.

our family gift to him was
a song.

[to the tune of justin beiber’s ‘baby’]

ohh wooaah (3x)
you know we love you, you know we care
just shout whenever, and we’ll be there
we want your love, we want your heart
and we will never ever ever be apart

we are a family, there’s 6 of us
we love our friends, but we confess
we love you more, there is no other
one look at you – you’re our favorite older brother

and we are singing
nathan, nathan, nathan, oohhh,
like nathan, nathan, nathan, oohhh,
like nathan, nathan, nathan, oohhh,
we know you’ll always be ours

nathan, nathan, nathan, oohhh,
we love you sunshine or raining
hey were just saying, saying
we know you’ll always be ours (oh oh)

we’re proud of you, always and forever
you do so well, in all that you endeavor
and you wanna play it cool,
know how to use tools
you draw anything
eating special K,  you’re king
when things are in pieces, you can fix it
your 6 feet tall, baby, you can reach it

you’re a clown clown clown, clown
if chuck norris were here, he’d be facedown laughing

nathan, nathan, nathan, oh
we love you so! from start to fin

we’re all with you through thick or thin
we all think your so fine, fine fine

nathan nathan nathan ooh
we love you so -where to begin?
we love you till the cows come in
you’re not just something the cat dragged in…

-special thanks to our co-producer,
the talented mrs. crosby

ps –
after we performed our song,
i was tidying and getting him ready
to head out the door, so i tucked
a copy of the folded up lyrics in
his new anthony horowitz book,
bookmark style,
as he was going to take it as bus reading.

luckily he saw what i had done,
pulled it back out and
turned to me,

‘social suicide, mom;
it’s cool here and all,
but that’s private.’

[the interweb is ‘private’, right?]

pps –
henry gave him a handmade ‘metrocard’
good for three passes of
‘i’ll get off the computer whenever you say’

uber-generous in
brother-world collateral.