kristie + corey = love

30 . April . 2011

congrats, kristie + corey

cafe margot;
you want to go to there.

chef kim arrived from
california yesterday;
hi, karl + gavin.


i do

29 . April . 2011

i remember when i was 7,
waking up early
to watch charles + diana,

and now six-year-old caroline,
five-year-old betsy
(36 yr old cory) + i
are snuggled up watching
the parade of beautifully dressed
men + women
to celebrate
kate + william.

best wishes.

ps –
yes, c is wearing my tiara.

pps –
love that they started with
‘guide me, o thou great jehovah’?!

ppps –
betsy’s question,
‘did you get married to mommy like this, daddy?’

his reply,
‘yes, sweetie,
sort of like this,
but not quite as fancy.’

seeking the peace of the city

29 . April . 2011

jason, franklin + michelle
teach us about understanding the city

the laundromat project

(thumbs up on the video
at the top of that linked page
if you have an extra minute;

it begs the question,
where are the laundromats
in my neighborhood?
or where are the laundromat-equivalent
gathering places?
since our neighborhood apparently
has mostly drop-off service)

aubrey, melissa + carrie
teach us about the ephesian moment

here’s how this game is played:

fill in the sentence,
‘this week, jesus is __________’

[and someone plays scribe
so it’s not an impossible memory game.]

person 1:
this week, jesus is
my advocate.

person 2:
this week, jesus is
my advocate,
and my true friend.

person 3:
this week, jesus is
my advocate,
my true friend,
and the love of my life…

and so on.

[mine was, my counselor.]

they also taught us this gem:
the Ritual Exchange.

think about one of your personal ministry practices.

now, share that with 2 friends.

for ex:
– franklin listens to ‘i give myself away’
every workday morning on the way to the train

– michelle prays for her workday while walking
from the train to work + once there, closes her
door and prays in the office for a minute before
beginning the workday. she said her receptionist
knows to just give her a minute w/ her door closed
and soon she’ll emerge.

– melissa hums hymns on her way to the train.

– aubrey reads oswald chambers.

and so on.

isaac + ann teach us about
conflict in ministry,

my partners, rodney + angie,
gave A+ performances of
original compositions
in response to the question,
‘what is ministry?’

what a night.
thanks be to God.

ps – the last open house for anyone
interested in the ministry fellows prog
for 2011-2012 is

thursday, june 2nd
2204 frederick douglass blvd @ 119th

pretty please?

my class

ps –
i am so glad carrie + i made it for even
the tail end of the worship gathering
at 79th/bway after city sem wrapped up;
our 2nd time meeting together
as a congregational gathering
as we transition into four worshiping congregations;

thanks to everyone who was
able to make it.

five pilots in my
living room this afternoon
sharing levain cookies,

love you, scott.

i asked them how low they
were flying when they went over
our heads the other afternoon in
central park.

800 ft.

it’s that loud at 800 ft?!
oy vey.

us, standing in cp zoo.
them, flying overhead.

we’d recognize that white top anywhere.

ps –
happy 10th anniv
to j + k.

upon their arrival
in anguilla today…
breathe in,
breathe out.

with apologies

27 . April . 2011

i’m sorry.

i have to waste 56 min of your time today.
or if not today, tomorrow.

she’s that good.

and after you’ve wasted
perfectly useful time,
please, please don’t follow this link:

and after you’re done there,
please Do Not type
‘daily show writers’
‘colbert writers’
into the search bar in hulu
or the rest of your
day is toast, too.


of snow leopards + sea lions

26 . April . 2011

77 and sunny
in central park today

a glorious
last day of spring break.

uncle scott’s in town!

we grilled out,
grabbed coffee + lingered in verdi sq,
saw em + carrie,
played wii w/ the boys,
and now he’s hanging w/ cory + the guys @ mk’s;
so glad you’re here, love.
so proud of you + k + g.

above, reading ‘little bear’ w/ the
showered + jammied girlies;
they took turns each reading a page
and so on and so forth,
precious music to my heart.

rodney + angie,
my fearless teammates
working on our group presentation
for thursday night’s class.

the question we were given:
what is ministry?

emily made some sewing *magic*
for a new house project…
show you later.

armed with easter baskets
and eager for friends…

going to the grant’s
for a special easter lunch.

hostess with the mostest

ms. felicia’s delightful
party favors;
you submerge the egg
overnight and see
what is revealed…

a dinosaur?
a tortoise?

a surprise on the half-block journey home:
ms. rose on her front porch
receiving hugs.

since her stroke, we only see her outside
a few times a year.

we miss her previously near-constant
presence on the block + in the back yard.

since we still have the rental car,
we were able to pick carrie up
from the airport.
hello, triboro.

earlier, cory saw a window of time
after baseball was canceled +
before the special lunch
so he hopped on his bike,
tied his clubs to his back
and was down hitting balls
at chelsea piers in no time flat.

twine + golf clubs?
an urban sling.

our easter procession.

i was so glad when they said unto me,
‘Let us go to the house of the Lord.’

our classmate, darryl,
sang in church.

and those testimonies.
thanks be to God!