it’s the right thing to do

8 . April . 2011

…text a steady stream of
chuck norris jokes
to henry/cory
as they sit in the e.r. waiting room
for the third hour,

waiting for the pediatric orthopedist
to set henry’s left index finger.

ouch, sweetie.

ps – chuck norris’ tears cure cancer.
too bad he never cried.

pps – there used to be a street named
after chuck norris, but it was changed
because nobody crosses chuck norris
and lives.

ppps – ask me later if you want
to see a picture of it’s protruding little self
on my phone, pre-set.
! oy.

One Response to “it’s the right thing to do”

  1. carol c. Says:

    gettin to be a regular at the pediatric orthopedist!!!

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