on forgiveness

12 . April . 2011

i choked up twice listening to
nathan tell me about the lesson
in youth group on sunday,
matthew 18:21-35 on

t or f:
you should wait until you feel
the need to apologize to go and do it.

that warm fuzzy feeling
doesn’t actually exist.

he mentioned that
forgiveness doesn’t excuse us
from what we did,

that you do need to say,
‘i will not tell others
about what you did to me’
as a part of the forgiveness.

he told me about
how peter was using 7 as his
forgiveness standard;
Jesus multiplied it seventy times,
showing peter his standard for forgiveness
isn’t high enough.

and he left me with this gem:

gossip is the devil’s radio.

david +the  youth group staff]


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