14 . April . 2011

mercedes’ clever way of keeping
track of her pen when you’re
checking out with her at fairway.

lenten artwork at
all angels’

mrs. cooley teaching sign language

[love the strips of muslin hanging
in the sanctuary representing
Christ’s lenten-season travelclothes,
by sam wedelich]

the temptation of christ
also by sam w

congrats to the homeschool co-op
on a successful first ‘splash day’;
i had fun teaching ‘pen + ink’ to
15 charming young students.

it had all the things i thought
necessary to teach typography
to pre-teens:

– prizes
– chuck norris jokes
– lady gaga + derek jeter worked into the mix
– vocab like: bounce, kern, margin + bleed.
– toilet paper + gummy bears to try
‘what can we get to go through the mail’ games

lucy in the middle
of a loving circle

facetiming with daddy;
he’s pointing to harry potter’s scar
asking nathan about the play
he saw yesterday,
‘how to succeed in business w/o really trying’
as daniel radcliffe shares the lead
with john larroquette

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