these are the days of our lives

19 . April . 2011

first family ride
with my new Birthday Bike.

thanks, guys.

three of our four
on the swings;
i’m enjoying every last
one of these days
as they’re getting older.

(n was at youth group)

‘hosanna’ by the children’s choir on palm sunday.

ava luna, leah, caroline, betsy,
abby, mary claire, emma, frances, kathryn,
ezra, jandro, jack r,
honor, ellie, rachel + matthew.

and their fab/fearless leader, michelle.

we didn’t even have to leave the office
to get the xrays; welcome to 2011.

thanks, dr. glickal + staff.

a mere three more weeks
with this big plaster sucka.

he couldn’t do the pushups on
his knuckles, exactly,
but he stuck the rest of it beautifully.

and a strong shout out to
david p + liane + youth group crew
for saturday night’s
paintball extravaganza;

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