Christ the Lord is risen today

25 . April . 2011

armed with easter baskets
and eager for friends…

going to the grant’s
for a special easter lunch.

hostess with the mostest

ms. felicia’s delightful
party favors;
you submerge the egg
overnight and see
what is revealed…

a dinosaur?
a tortoise?

a surprise on the half-block journey home:
ms. rose on her front porch
receiving hugs.

since her stroke, we only see her outside
a few times a year.

we miss her previously near-constant
presence on the block + in the back yard.

since we still have the rental car,
we were able to pick carrie up
from the airport.
hello, triboro.

earlier, cory saw a window of time
after baseball was canceled +
before the special lunch
so he hopped on his bike,
tied his clubs to his back
and was down hitting balls
at chelsea piers in no time flat.

twine + golf clubs?
an urban sling.

our easter procession.

i was so glad when they said unto me,
‘Let us go to the house of the Lord.’

our classmate, darryl,
sang in church.

and those testimonies.
thanks be to God!

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