a pilot walks into an apartment

28 . April . 2011

five pilots in my
living room this afternoon
sharing levain cookies,

love you, scott.

i asked them how low they
were flying when they went over
our heads the other afternoon in
central park.

800 ft.

it’s that loud at 800 ft?!
oy vey.

us, standing in cp zoo.
them, flying overhead.

we’d recognize that white top anywhere.

ps –
happy 10th anniv
to j + k.

upon their arrival
in anguilla today…
breathe in,
breathe out.


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  1. Karen Clemente Says:

    no way… Elena and I heard the loudest noise possible the other day, and we wondered what it was. I said it MUST have been some sort of plane flying very low. Is it possible it was them? did they get up here to the north end of Central Park? If felt like it passed right by us on Amsterdam!

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