i do

29 . April . 2011

i remember when i was 7,
waking up early
to watch charles + diana,

and now six-year-old caroline,
five-year-old betsy
(36 yr old cory) + i
are snuggled up watching
the parade of beautifully dressed
men + women
to celebrate
kate + william.

best wishes.

ps –
yes, c is wearing my tiara.

pps –
love that they started with
‘guide me, o thou great jehovah’?!

ppps –
betsy’s question,
‘did you get married to mommy like this, daddy?’

his reply,
‘yes, sweetie,
sort of like this,
but not quite as fancy.’


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  1. morveniona Says:

    I love that you’re watching it right now too – somehow makes you feel closer!!

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