seeking the peace of the city

29 . April . 2011

jason, franklin + michelle
teach us about understanding the city

the laundromat project

(thumbs up on the video
at the top of that linked page
if you have an extra minute;

it begs the question,
where are the laundromats
in my neighborhood?
or where are the laundromat-equivalent
gathering places?
since our neighborhood apparently
has mostly drop-off service)

aubrey, melissa + carrie
teach us about the ephesian moment

here’s how this game is played:

fill in the sentence,
‘this week, jesus is __________’

[and someone plays scribe
so it’s not an impossible memory game.]

person 1:
this week, jesus is
my advocate.

person 2:
this week, jesus is
my advocate,
and my true friend.

person 3:
this week, jesus is
my advocate,
my true friend,
and the love of my life…

and so on.

[mine was, my counselor.]

they also taught us this gem:
the Ritual Exchange.

think about one of your personal ministry practices.

now, share that with 2 friends.

for ex:
– franklin listens to ‘i give myself away’
every workday morning on the way to the train

– michelle prays for her workday while walking
from the train to work + once there, closes her
door and prays in the office for a minute before
beginning the workday. she said her receptionist
knows to just give her a minute w/ her door closed
and soon she’ll emerge.

– melissa hums hymns on her way to the train.

– aubrey reads oswald chambers.

and so on.

isaac + ann teach us about
conflict in ministry,

my partners, rodney + angie,
gave A+ performances of
original compositions
in response to the question,
‘what is ministry?’

what a night.
thanks be to God.

ps – the last open house for anyone
interested in the ministry fellows prog
for 2011-2012 is

thursday, june 2nd
2204 frederick douglass blvd @ 119th

pretty please?

my class

ps –
i am so glad carrie + i made it for even
the tail end of the worship gathering
at 79th/bway after city sem wrapped up;
our 2nd time meeting together
as a congregational gathering
as we transition into four worshiping congregations;

thanks to everyone who was
able to make it.

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