that’s right,
downtown lisa brown
is in town,
woot woot

trying on our tap recital costumes

and how tickled were they
when we were at hunter yesterday
and saw the show flyers posted around?

the recital will be at the danny kaye playhouse
at hunter on may 21st.
tappity tap tap.


youth group tea

9 . May . 2011

congrats to liane + crew
for the sweetest
mother/daughter tea on saturday.

betsy joined me for the
afternoon’s outing to
the church offices,
39th + bway,
as i was giving a little
talk at the soiree.

they were so kind to look
at philippians 2 with me,

as we talked about humility,
a new-found confidence in
the work of God through
Christ Jesus,
as my friend, michael,
so wisely puts it.

from billy’s

liane sent us home with
an armful of fragrant lilies,
to b’s delight.

ps –
props to waltertheseltzerman
on dreaming up this gig.

justin + craig, this has your names
written all over it.

you sodastream evangelists, you.