3 + 1 = extra momentum

10 . May . 2011

this sweet photo is appropriately blurry
as it’s 5:29a.

carrie, meg + i meet at
5:26 at 72/bway so we can walk
up to 76th +
in the door right when
that baby opens + i
can be back and on duty
before my family rouses.

and this morning,
we had a guest of honor, lbrn.


ps – the one trainer who makes
awesome dorky jokes about
‘the three musketeers’
didn’t say anything today;
he’s got no material
for four?

pps – yes, i got my haircut
but that’s not what
my school friends/teachers
were noticing this morning,

them: oh, you got your haircut!
me: yes.
them: (still trying to figure out
what’s different)
me, inside: it’s lighter, sweetie,
but that’s so awkward to say, right?

it’s that i get it ‘cut blonde’


so, thank you for noticing,
i did get it cutblonde.


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