off off off broadway

12 . May . 2011

two teams of actors,
h+c and n+b,
acting out tonight’s installment of
‘choices have consequences’

[cue suspensful background music]

apparently this (c)
is what parents look like
when they’re talking
with children who made
bad choices.

curtain call.

the young peacemaker
is the book we’re reading through
at dinnertime;
this curriculum (peacemaking)
was part of our diaconate training
in ’97 and i picked up
this workbook at the
day-long seminar we attended
at some church in chelsea.

a little dusting off, and voila,
superhelpful vocabulary
for our fam.

and we totally dig
their comic book series.


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  1. Amy Says:

    You are actually pretty close to Broadway :).

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