‘you know me!’

12 . May . 2011

yesterday, after meeting friends
at city seminary in harlem,
we were heading down into the
subway station
when i realized someone was
calling out to me.

he had said something as i
passed, but i assumed he
wasn’t talking to me,

so when i kept walking,
he enthusiastically leaned over
the subway stair railing

and waved his arms,
‘miss! miss!
you know me!’

‘you know me!’

and i turned,
and he was right,
i did know him.

he continued,
‘remember me??
from 118th street?’

of course, i remembered him.

from almost ten, eleven years ago.

he usually slept huddled up with
on the hot air grates
under the pedestrian bridge by the
law school and i passed him on
a regular basis.

but look at the transformation!

i could weep at his beauty.

he asked about my son + my husband
(and i told him there were 3 more now)
and told me about his health
and what had helped him
these past years.

his hair is cut short,
his eyes are shining,
he is in his right mind,
he’s still missing all of his top teeth except
the back molars,
and he is radiant.

oh, what a pleasure to see you, friend,
and to see your health and
sound mind and bright eyes.

i feel like i caught a glimpse of
his glory self,
of how things will be.

thanks be to God.

ps –
before we continued on
down to the train,
i told him that
i come to that neighborhood regularly
and i will look for him.

it was such a good visit,
but i cried this morning
as she headed off again.
to clint,
and to boston,
exactly where she should be.
where God has her.

but my heart tells me
she should be here.

the talented magnolia designer
who was drawing/writing the
entire time andrea + i talked.

lovemesome ab.

hukilau mentor + mentee;
(jace’s mom)
it was fantastic + superfun for the audience.


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  1. Andrea Says:

    i love me some kj. ((karijo))

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