*flashback 1 month*

we’re wearing a path
to the seminary and back,
b/c from 72 to 116,

what a pleasure to be there for
a celebration in honor of
andrew walls
and mark + janice presenting
this book they edited
in his honor,

a collection of essays on
his life’s work in missiology +
understanding the dynamism of african christianity;

with authors such as

kwame bediako (of the akrofi Christaller centre),
lamin sanneh,
mark noll,
moonjang lee,
i. howard marshall,
wilbert shenk, bill burrows,
dana robert, jehu hanciles,
gillian bediako (how special is that?),
j. kwabena asamoah-gyadu
and so on.

professor walls
as he asks,
how is the faith transmitted and transformed
across cultures?

to be released in june.

centre for the study of world christianity
in edinburgh.

ps –
it was also his birthday,
so after the superb
senegalese luncheon,
they presented him with the
most beautiful cake +
we toasted (sparkling)
God’s work in his life.

his humility is stunning.

i think he left to return to scotland
the next day.