pack in, pack out

14 . May . 2011

big nathan, henry, little nathan + jeff
hike in,
tents + bags in tow.

harriman state park, ny

‘hi, mom’

back in the city,
it’s girls night in apt 1…


a conversation

14 . May . 2011

two words you should know
from trader joe’s:
edemame hummus.

the beginning of a conversation
on God’s work in/around nyc
and city seminary’s role in
seeking the peace of the city.

thank you, mark.

earlier in the evening,
letting the sprinkler water
splash into their mouths,
squealing squealing.

it feels like spring

14 . May . 2011

gymnastics girls.

the exact-right situation
for smart car parking.

i’m getting the hang
of where/how to
lock my ride.

so far,
it’s been there every time
i come back,
to my deep delight.

good sport award – sweet lolly
4 mothers – lyd, bets, c, and cecily