here + there

17 . May . 2011

drumroll, please:
joshua. lewis. cassity.

thanks be to God.

[and so good to see anita + mrs. wong. xo]

ash + daniel
were in town,

watching ‘oklahoma’
with lyd + jane.

tap recital rehearsal,
nola studios in midtown.

it felt like The Real Thing,
you know,
real dancers, real studio,
live band.

[the rehearsal required three pianists;
they’d each play for 20-ish minutes
and then rotate out and repeat]

[don’t worry, i played it cool;
jen k + i were side-by-side
through most of the 2+ hr rehearsal
with ms. liz lemon herself;
i didn’t bring up ‘bossypants’ once]

mesmerized by the big girls.

betsy’s new etsy find?
yellow chevron goodness.

utopia for three sisters.

b introduced me to
a cable family staple:
toast, mayo, diced tomatoes, parmesan + salt.

the fragrant magnolia bakery counter

our sweet study spot
while the girls are in tap.

luscious grapes in
dainty white bags
speak to me.

family book project:
we emptied the wall-length shelf
in the living room +
sorted + cleaned
to make room for the
last year’s worth of
literary goodness.

henry took charge curating
the ‘free’ pile outside our
front door.

‘mom, mom,
do you like how i put
‘ethan frome’
next to
‘henry james’?’

get it?
‘ethan’ + ‘henry’?
best buds.

this was amazing:
this morning as
em, meg, carrie + i were
schlepping to eq,
they were loading things
into the beacon theatre
and the back doors were
wide. open.

[usual for them to
be loading in and out of beacon;

UNusual for said doors
to be open like that]

and i could see the entire theatre.
backstage, stage, orchestra level, balcony,
so cool.

that said, it was pouring rain
which is why my abovementioned
companions didn’t catch the glimpse
because they were too (wisely) busy
hustling along to stop for
a breath-taking eyeful and
blurry photomemory.

but the moment lives on
in my heart.

[insert sappy jazz music in bkgrnd]