the ol’ heave-ho

23 . May . 2011

commence operation: boxsprings ahoy

[the stairway is too
twisty-turny at the top;
sound familiar, r + p?]

cover + tie

well, hello, there.

look closely:
can you see what
started coming down
exactly when the bed cleared
the window?

ye olde pitter patter.

and also,
a hearty, ‘bravo!’
from a passerby
across the street.

ps –
i remember sara + tracy
taking a walk around the block
while the guys pulled a
similar moving-stunt on their beautiful couch.



from colorado with love

23 . May . 2011

guess who flew in
on saturday?!

mom + dad

grammy + papa


88 keys

23 . May . 2011

tears on the way in

getting settled and ready.

with karis [ligh],
charlie [hinckley] +
amelia [kaufman].

photocredit: njc

ps –
betsy gasped when we saw
ms. buck playing at church
the next morning.

celebrity sighting, indeed.

on graduation

23 . May . 2011

i actually can’t write about it.


about what city seminary
has meant to me
this year.

i’m too
overwhelmed with gratitude
and i keep choking up.

so i’ll wait.


michelle + jackie

i’m so thankful for

our first ministry fellows baby,
baby ben/benai.

congrats, neil + lesego!

mangos on the train
with my ministry partner, cjl.

en route to the afternoon’s
next event…

on change

23 . May . 2011

superthankful for tim’s words yesterday
on three things important to know
about how people/organizations change.

1. some things must not change
2. some things must change quickly
3. some things must change slowly

oh, for grace to know
which is which
in my heart,
in my marriage,
in my family,
in my community.

ps – i got to hear james smith,
who tuck had recommended.

on how we are worshipping beings,
on liturgy and ritual
and how it shapes us
and, thus, enables us to change.

the movers

23 . May . 2011

tucker b + bandmates.

thumbs way up.