24 . May . 2011

sunday’s tap shows were

‘alice, lost in wonderland’
written + directed by,
buddy + gail crutchfield

2p + 5p
danny kaye playhouse
68th + lex

[we worshipped at morning east side service
because the girls had to check in at 12:45p
and then took their last bow
just before 7pm; whew]

setting bows + last-minute directions
from gail

backstage sweeties

this photo doesn’t do it justice,
but the sense of anticipation
is electric;
lining up behind the
[about to open] curtain
while something special
[dancing, singing, tapping]
is going on right in front,
and soon it will be

‘new york is wonderland,
where is the path to wonderland,
over a bridge or
here or there
please take me there’

special thanks to
the boys + cory,
mom + dad,
meghan + lydia,
em + carrie,
carol + abby
for your cheerful support~