bringin’ my vinyl

25 . May . 2011

from em’s day teaching
middle school today:

‘student: who’s kj the dj?
(i had your blog open on one of my tabs
and was showing them a brainpop)

me: my friend

student: is he a dj?

me: no

student:(sucks his teeth to show his annoyance) why does it say dj?!

me: she is a dj

student: oh. she gonna spin me some tunes later?

me: yes. absolutely.’

ps –
thank you to my hs friend, brandon,
for starting it all up with his
little way of saying hello
in his smooth baritone,
as he’d slide into the
desk behind mine in
mr. mcdonald’s 11th grade
ap american history,

‘kj the dj,
rockin’ em live…’


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  1. melissa Says:

    that is so cute. love knowing the story behind your tag line.

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