on white sand and turqoise water

26 . May . 2011

aloha from
the sunny shores

turks + caicos

our lives will be measured
by mere steps
for the next five days…


6 Responses to “on white sand and turqoise water”

  1. jennyf Says:

    How fabulous!! enjoy!

  2. payton Says:

    so pretty. enjoy!

  3. Karen Says:

    oh, so gorgeous!! Enjoy EVERY minute!! soak in the sun and beauty! wow…. I’m vicariously breathing the salty sea air! love you!

  4. Emily Says:

    I hate you.
    and I hate Carrie.
    for being on the beach this weekend.

    I’ll be laying out on concrete (ok, more like sheep’s meadow but still… what I wouldn’t give for a beach)

    have so so so so much fun

  5. carol c. Says:


  6. gill j Says:

    You lucky, deserving people!! Enjoy the R&R – sounds dreamy!!!

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