swim + celebrate

10 . June . 2011

the meterologist said ‘100’
and we said ‘get the heck outta dodge’

garrison or bust.

the trail to the house,
already we feel like
we’re in

the mother’s-mind mental snapshot
i’m not including
looks something like this:

my frustration with knowing how
to redirect a certain child of mine
condemning, shaming,
nagging, or simply being angry at him

i need the Lord’s help + mercy.

to top the evening off,
we celebrated
carrie’s birthday
emily’s grad school graduation
@ meg’s.

hip hip hooray!

we might have made em wear a
makeshift mortar board
(square flat-ish couch pillow)
and walk the aisle
and receive the ‘diplomas’
the children made her.

betsy congratulated her on her

we also dressed up +
henry knew his
sport coat would be
Just Right for the (boiling hot) evening.

he looked fab.
dripping with sweat,
but amazing.


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