on gender roles

11 . June . 2011

supergrateful to the 26 ladies who
schlepped out to participate in
the conversation on gender roles;

supergrateful to kathy for leading us.

[prep your christmas list:
she + tim are writing a
book on marriage that will
hit newsstands in november.

you’ve scooped up kings cross, right?]

also grateful for my wise friend, cw’s, list
of potential additional topics
as the questions themselves
humble + engage my heart:

‘the power of a wife’s respect,
the way embracing these roles is communicated via attitudes,
how one’s idols effects the difficulties one has embracing the roles,
what spiritual resources husbands and wives need
in particular to embrace in order to fulfill this calling (marriage)–
that it is a calling, not just a title,
that being a godly huband or wife is worth time and energy
and how that comes in conflict with our world,
with views of productivity and value.’


and, yes, i’ll be on the front row
for those ensuing conversations.

thanks, guys.

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