17 . June . 2011

my sophisticated friend, patricia,
first introduced me to

we spent a leisurely evening in moma,
[probably before either of us had kids
it was that long ago
and it seems like maybe
we were there for an event,
but it escapes me]

and as we sauntered around the museum,
she shared her world with me;

and everytime i see
giacometti statues,
i wish she was with me.

hello, do we love it here?!

one of the displays is a
massive pile of shinywrapped candy
in the corner with a
museum guard next to it
please help yourself’

and he was so insistent
that when the kids took a single piece,
he came over,
filled his cupped hands full
and poured it into theirs.

[anyone need a piece?
my purse weighs 10lbs more
because it’s filled with
ask me next time you see me]

we play with zoobs at our house, too.

who knew they were museum-quality?

henry procures our dinner.

eating on either side
of the statue.

and then the heavens opened up
and by the time we found a bus
(taxis were non-existent in
that lightning-thundery downpour)
we were
to the bone.

an very, very giggly.

home again
home again
jiggity jig.


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  1. carol Says:

    glad henry’s feeling better! or else he looks it! 🙂

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