on preserving fellowship

17 . June . 2011

‘when a family lives close together
in a constricted space
and the individual does not have
the quietness he needs,
regular times of quiet
are absolutely necessary.

after a time of quiet
we meet others in a different and fresh way.

many a household fellowship will be
able to provide for the individual’s
need to be alone,
and thus preserve the fellowship itself
from injury,
only by adopting a regular order.

-dietrich bonhoeffer


One Response to “on preserving fellowship”

  1. christa Says:

    beautiful words…powerfully true. the layout pics make me smile…i so understand! 1000sf, 6 big bodies, 1 tiny bathroom… ahhh family!

    thank you for your words…
    your blog was shared with my mom’s group yesterday, courtesy of morgen wilbourne…she shared some great family advice from you with us!

    thanks for “joining” our group for the day!

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