we love lucy

19 . June . 2011

do you agree to assist these parents
as they raise this child in the
nurture + admonition of the Lord?

we do,
we do*.

. lucy margaret keller .

may the Father bless and keep you,
may the Son reveal himself to you,
may the Holy Spirit completely fill you
with his love and peace.

grandma rosie
[aka. mrs. p]

mere hours later,
nicole + jake
became parents themselves;
congrats on baby alice.


roller derby
in the back.

photocredit: betsy

*i was tempted to raise both hands
at this point,
one for me
and one for jordyn,
as we had teased about
this earlier in the week,
knowing the cho fam would
still be en route
traveling home from general assembly,
sad to miss the special day.

they ‘do’, too.