thank you, rev. peterson

22 . June . 2011

the task of the parent, in other words,
is not to confront directly the problems of the young
and find the best solutions to them;

it is to confront life,
and Christ in life,
and deal with that.

a parent’s main job is not to be a parent,
but to be a person.

there are no techniques to master that will make a good parent.
there is no book to read that will give the right answers.

the parent’s main task is to be
in a living demonstration that
adulthood is full, alive, Christian.

– eugene peterson,
‘like dew your youth: growing up with your teenager’

so glad katie + gracie + scott are here.

that must be an angel
blurring the side of the photograph.

either that
or i dropped my phone
in a cereal bowl full of milk this morning.

surely an angel.

date night,
off to see a broadway show.


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  1. Karen Says:

    I needed to hear that peterson quote today!

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