funny[ish] bone

26 . June . 2011

honor’s freaky carrot

…so you can tell
which witch is which.

ezra’s aliens watch tv

eli’s blonde, brunette + redhead

henry’s blonde, brunette + redhead

betsy gives it a go

eli’s sandwiches

[watch for the double bunny-ears]

vintage joke:
nathan in 2007

vintage henry, circa 2007

to round out the
vintage videos,
eli and henry found
this gem:
7 yr old nathan recaps tim’s sermon
(i stayed home with sick kiddos)


One Response to “funny[ish] bone”

  1. morveniona Says:

    LOVE it! TK and I have just watched those clips. How happy it makes my heart to see (and hear) you Cates people (and friends!)

    More movie clips on the blog please!!

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