heat on the street

30 . June . 2011



30 . June . 2011

the sky,
from west 83rd.

specialthanks to sara
for having the girls;
they thought they were
‘babysitting lucy.’


shannon + john had fellowship group
round to their apt for dinner
and then we all walked around the
corner for scripture at our place,
thanks, guys,
that was so refreshing.

and shannon’s famous pesto/mozz panini’s?

henry was smitten with the chair
a movie prop a stylistfriend gave them,
made of bent golf clubs.

if you lean your head out their
bedroom window,
you can almost see
our back yard.

(the short light-colored wall
you see at 3 o’clock
is our neighbors to the west,
so we’re somewhere just
before that)