. mr. tom .

1 . July . 2011

happy birthday to
our newly-minted

little mr. tom wraight


ps –
morv + jono,

you are an

as christians,
as husband+wife,
as parents to tom,
as friends.

we want to be you
when we grow up.

we’re so proud of you.

we miss you terribly.

pps –
an imaginary round of
birthday settlers on us,
i’m orange + cory’s green,
jono will win,
it’s inevitable.


One Response to “. mr. tom .”

  1. morveniona Says:

    If only we could play Settlers with you now! I’ll be blue and J will bet on the 11 because we all know you can never underestimate the 11!

    PS Thanks for the sweet comments but I’ve been taking notes on you two all these years and most of what I have learned on parenting and marriage is from you Cates people!!

    PPS TK received Dinosaur Roar from my parents… how does that tune go again?

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