2 . July . 2011

bridesmaid em
at a wedding in salt lake.

[that’s the one dress i’ve
seen her in recently
that she didn’t make herself.]

ps –
get excited.

the next installment of
cates/sauls children’s theatre,
‘family drama’
involves pets.

we currently have + are babysitting:
1 hamster
1 guinea pig (a true Rodent of Unusual Size)
2 geckos
1 fish

so this episode of FD
is about…waitforit…

they finished part 1 last night
but we’ll have to film part 2 when
ab returns from camp (havefun)
in two (surely glorious) weeks.

pps –
my favorite photo from
classic the other night,
jandro’s improvised water shield
out of a gladware + a chinese food lid.


ppps –
the boys and i saw ‘transformers’
yesterday and 8 yo henry said
that of all 2.5 hrs of
machine-y, blowy-uppy, disastrousness,
hands down,
the scariest part was the

pppps –
i’m 3 days into a
New Phase of My Life.

em recommended calengoo
for my phone + i can now
sync with google cal on my
it’s amazing
to have my calendar at
my fingertips.

and i can see cory + carrie’s calendars, too.

with one little click of the mouse.


i’ve always been a
papercalendar girl,


and i thought it would’ve taken
me longer to mourn the loss,
make a transition,
but i guess i’m at the
crucial point
of feeling the pressure,
calendar-ic pressure,
to not miss things
in our family’s schedule +
this is going to
be a huge step in the right direction.

i should have some
little sort of
grateful ceremony,

beloved moleskine and
staedtler colored pens,

you have been faithful,
and distinctly beautiful.

and you are sadly replaced
by KillerTechnology.

but you will be missed.

with gratitude + respect,
for years of distinguished service,


2 Responses to “tgif”

  1. Amy Says:

    If we could ever get Tracy to embrace the Google calendar, I might fall over :). I’ve told her it is life-changing.

  2. jordyn Says:

    i was gonna say, “google is gonna rule the world” but i think it’s too late.

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