temporary nutmeggers

5 . July . 2011

home church
with pastor ted

psalm 22 + matthew 18

taking turns
reading scripture

explaining their drawings of
‘forgiveness’ as we had
read about in matthew.

nathan’s somehow involved a
motorcycle wreck
[forgiveness happened but
the bike was a mess?]

first s’mores of the season;
hello, summer.

in ethan’s treehouse

[he + ted built it;
it’s stunning]

nothing mysterious here,
just a lumpy all-white cake…

with a fourth of july
surprise inside.

back in the library…

cates, new + morgan

may the Lord bless + keep you, loves.
may his word be your life
and his presence your comfort.

thank you

to our beloved morgans
for the sweetest
time together.

ps –
oops, no photos of
The Lake.

the most fun they could
possibly have had –
swamping and unswamping canoes,
[‘we were breathing
under the boat!
swimming swimming swimming,
sand castle structures +
mud baths galore…

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