drizzly friday

9 . July . 2011

ah ha,
the ever-popular
scrabble word,

come, christian, join to sing,
alleluia, amen.

let all with heart and voice
before your throne rejoice,
praise is his gracious choice,
alleluia, amen.

nathan took a rather major
trip by himself this afternoon
after piano lessons,
to procure a ranger’s hat in
prep for boy scout camp this week.

and when he arrived home,
soaked to the bone,
he had quite a story to

to the empire state building
and back.

with a detour on the 6 train.
and the east river.
and the metropolitan museum.

at one point in the story,
he chuckled and described
how he found himself
standing in front of the met.
in the pouring rain.
with an axe*.
a sombrero.
a dollar.
and a metrocard.

toto, we’re not on the west side anymore.

[and a phone.
he had talked to cory
twice by this point and was slowly
re-orienting where he was…
he meant to take a west side train
but in the confusion that is 34th st,
ended up ducking into the 6,
thinking ‘uptown’
thinking ‘seventies’
and when he popped out,
he saw ‘the park’

but when he was finally closer,
he realized what he thought was
central park
was actually the
east river…]


his poise
and humor
and candor.

i’m stunned daily by the beauty
of this twelve-year-old teacher
i have living in my own home.

teaching me about God’s grace
in its various forms,
about honesty,
about love.

well done, darling.
well done.

ps –
we added a new comic book
to our library
in honor of
summer reading
and letmetellyou
cory is chuckling
harder than henry.

and henry’s chuckles
were pretty substanital.

will + abe’s guide to the universe

*maternal waver:
i didn’t think it was
as funny as they did.

pps –
we also added
tintin volume 1
(ours was left out in the rain.
how can you have vol 2-7
and no number 1?!)

the original far side gallery
(we have the subsequent ones)

calvin and hobbes
lazy sunday
(i think our set is complete).

now, we’re breathing easy
on the comic front.

*the boy scout leader saw him
at the store and asked him
to carry home an axe for her
so they’d have it at camp.

an axe.
not a hatchet.
think 2.5′ wooden handle.
walking around the city?!

what timing.


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  1. Karen Says:

    I can imagine people crossing to the other side of the street to avoid the “big wet guy with the AXE!”

    Wow! Great way to handle this… Yay to Nathan and to Mom!! (I might not have been so calm and humor-filled.)

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