i changed my mind

10 . July . 2011

the boys were making the most
of togetherness yesterday:

after their 14 mi round trip bike ride,
governor’s island lounge-about
and waterpark splashiness,

legos, check.
lego harry potter on the wii, check.
wrestling on mom+dad’s bed, check.
numerous rounds of stratego, check.
on either side of carrie while she read, check.
giggling as they fell asleep, check.

the only one for me is you
and you for me
so happy together

okay, okay,
i changed my mind.

when carrie started reading
‘will + abe’s’ aloud,
at the boys’ urging,
i must admit,
it’s hilarious.

i’d like to use the words
to describe the sounds
the three cates’ boys
were making in response to
her impromptu read-aloud
of that hilarious book.

i changed my mind.

watch out.

you may chortle.

ps –
‘you kinda had to be there, mom’

but henry watched the movies
3x each this morning.

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