‘owdy, gov’nor

10 . July . 2011

ellie + betsy
lady liberty

. governor’s island ferry .

the city looks
from a distance

meanwhile, back at the ferry…

while grace, luke, jess,
scott, patti, ellie, betsy + i
took the train down,

the rest of the group
[maurice, keely, john,
shannon, joyce, cory,
caroline, nathan, henry,
bernhard + judy]
biked the 6.7 miles
from our neighborhood
to the ferry landing.

ellie + betsy
living the summer’s day dream

luke + jess
share the first coconut
of the day

scott + the statue

ferry wind in our hair
and conversations lingering
in our hearts;
thanks be to God
for a special day together.

. happy birthday, grace .

sending our love to ellie:

she caught a curb
while on an adventurous
bike ride
and ended the day
with a cast on her
fractured arm;
brave girl!

we love you.

a watery respite
on the 6+ mi return trip home.

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