day 1

11 . July . 2011

‘the city’
. vacation bible school .

aww, shucks:
they asked me to
draw something city-ish
for the t-shirts,
serious skyline-age.

i love jerry’s sign.

‘when it’s 3 o’clock in new york,
it’s still 1938 in london.’
-bette middler

mama cho works here.

you can tell who’s
running this show
by the empty dc cans
laying around.

we love our children’s ministry staff.

how lucky are we?
sara + mercy are b’s group leaders
patti, rachel + serena are c’s group leaders


sleepover sweeties

ps –
the girls are all
snuggled up on
the living room floor
a certain someone (winkwink)
is singing hymns
on itunes;

all is right in the world.

pps –
i miss the boys.


2 Responses to “day 1”

  1. Carole Says:

    So cool! Is this theme our local version of the Big Apple Adventure that all the other VBSes are doing?

    Live the T-shirt – what does it say under the skyline?

  2. carol c. Says:

    oh, if you told me that your skyline was on the t-shirts maybe that would have swayed me to hike over to the west side! we do The City VBS with Trinity in two weeks!

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