by quiet waters

18 . July . 2011

from vbs
to grand central
to garrison,


we barely left the pool,
but when we did
it was for reasons
like these…

twilight settling.

beginner’s luck?
keely blew us away,

i’m on her team next time.
well done!

sunday morning
home church

loungy home church,

come awake

i love this.

the house was gently filled with
her singing and playing
for almost an hour
and i thought we would
all float away to heaven,
my heart was soaring.

the blowing trees,
the children sauntering about the lawn,
the river lulling by,
my loving cory,
my godly carrie sharing her
gifts with us,
God’s word lingering in our minds,
his spirit teaching and helping us…

oh, the goodness of the Lord.

after another round of swimming,
heading out to camp
with the jennings.


man with hose.


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  1. that was a gorgeous post!

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