from a distance

19 . July . 2011

when i’m away +
have a stolen moment
interweb inspiration,
i tend to click on:

. simplesong

. sally j shim

. oh happy day

. like mother, like daughter

. ffffound*

. cupcakes + cashmere

. a holy experience

. [inside a] black apple

. decor8

. frolic

. patricia mumau

or sometimes,

. you are my fav

. chez larsson

. made by joel

. c jane or her sister, nienie

y tu?

*be careful with this one.
you’ll see.

selfish disclaimer:
now i have these links
all linkety-ready
for our colorado adventure.


One Response to “from a distance”

  1. Karen Says:

    about a year ago I went through about a month of reading nienie a lot. I was so intrigued (and saddened) by their story. But, I just got so I coudn’t read any more. I popped there today and it was good to see her looking chipper and she seems to be more mobile now. Oye…..

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