gentle big sister

21 . July . 2011

God stir the soil
run the plowshare deep,
cut the furrows round and round,
overturn the hard, dry ground,
spare not strength nor toil,
even though i weep.
in the loose, fresh mangled earth
sow new seed.
free of withered vine and weed
bring fair flowers to birth.

-earth prayers from around the earth,
roberts + amidon.

ps –
em, anne marie + chris w
all simultaneously recommended
a great netflix watch:


nathan + henry could
barely wait for cory to get home
each night two wks ago
so we could watch the
next episode
which then spurred a furious
sherlock holmes
reading splurge
on n’s part.

[and while he was away at camp,
amazon delivered vol 2.

pps –
we love martin freeman
in that role.

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