entering the boulder field

spotting the day’s climbers;
there were 5 of them that day
making the 856ft ascent.

1.3 mi
89 degrees

working on his junior ranger requirements

two of the four
newly minted
junior rangers,

thanks to the helpful + cheerfuly
ranger chancey.

bad hair day
at the trading post


[part 7. custer national park]

24 . August . 2011

the needles

breathtaking as we approached the
base of them.

we could touch the stone walls
on either side
as we eeked our way
through this tunnel.


sylvan lake

hiking around the lake
with uncle jeff + aunt mary lou,
grandma harris + uncle steve.

late night dinner
back at the camper
after the day’s adventure.

[part 6. mount rushmore]

24 . August . 2011

meanwhile, back at the ranch

24 . August . 2011

record-setting rainfall @ home
with record-setting water
coming in the back of the house,

you know what that means:

it’s hammertime.

that is.

you say ‘water damage’
cory says ‘remodel’

you say ‘soggy carpets + sheetrock’
cory says ‘time to bustamove’

the space formerly known as
my office

the space formerly known as
our sweet bedroom,
sans wet-once-too-many-times carpet.

let the hammergames begin.

what wall?

sayonara, radiators.

jackhammer city.

whyhellothere, home depot.

bleached + waterproof-primed.

special thanks to
carrie, meg + em,
ted + nick,
and the sauls fam for loaning
their sweet ride for the
[verycareful] supply run.

architectural inspiration on
carrie’s bulletin.

we were talking about
knocking out the backs of
the 2 closets in formerly-our-room
to open up some light
into the living room
and she dreamed up this
clever scheme.

go, team.

ps – cory, thankyouthankyou.
and we wish we were there to
give you advil + backrubs.

let the
‘where in the world
are cory+kj sleeping’
games begin.

ps –
record rainfall +
an earthquake?

guys – be careful out there.
we love + miss you.

dinosaur park
rapid city, south dakota

built in 1936,
these crazy cement dinosaurs
on top of a mountain with
ridiculously beautiful
panoramic black hills views.

we’d wake up to
wild turkeys
right out our front doorstep.

did you know they sleep in trees?
i didn’t.

cousin marian gives henry
a harp lesson

thanks to all of the harris family
who came;
the kids and i learned so much
in this long weekend together
with them.

crocheted necklaces are all the rage:
marian + muriel were patient and enthusiastic teachers
and the kids have come home wanting to
continue knitting and crocheting
(no one’s mentioned the harp or xylophone yet,
i’m waiting.)

henry teaches 3 of my dad’s siblings
to play uno,

{while n + i taught others to settle}

cat’s cradle


storybook island
w/ two hand-fulls of cousins;
i’ve never seen anything like that,
two wackydelightful thumbs up.

swimming in the hot springs?

yes, we took
evan’s plunge.

the hilight:
the family worship service on sunday morning.

aunt esther + cousin marian on the piano.
hymn after rousing hymn, from the groups collective memory.
an intriguing few
i had never heard before.
and then daddy preached on
philip + the ethiopian eunuch,
acts 8:26-40.

i bet my kids can recount the message
almost in its entirety,
it was beautiful.
the holy spirit has long been
with my dad, guiding + filling him,
and sunday morning was a treat.

we’re very thankful for
4 special days together.

rim rock

hooray for gracie + addie.
[and baby macie +
auntie katie and auntie beth]

addie love

fun with aubrey

[aub is em’s niece;
i’ve known her mama, marilyn,
since i was little]

sonic + ‘tangled’ –
this day just has ‘lazyhazysummervacation’
written all over it.

pool party @ centennial
w/ pastor nancy
[aka emily’s mama]

insert mental snapshots:

ps – we missed you, scott.


my heart is full.

best time @ kanakuk +
now ready for a colorado adventure.

sadly, katie + gracie’s flight
took off 2 hrs before the boys
so no overlap this time.

but it was so special to have them
here this past week.

goofy wardrobe waiver:
henry’s laundry bag was was having
too much fun at kamp
and refused to leave,
so h spends the next weeks
wearing and rewearing the
same few things in hopes
that that silly laundrybag will
show up on our doorstep…

still waiting…

one of those photos
we text to cory
to say

and he texts back:
you’re not actually driving
when you took this,

of course, of course.

you know how we feel
about the greeley library.

big man,
little chair.


rocky mountain national park

heading up + over
the continental divide
to spend some delightful days
with the friend family

elev. 11K+ ft

the holzwarth homstead
@ the never summer ranch

we love chris + jenny

the spring box:

built so the mountain stream
runs through it,
to keep the day’s vegetables
and cream cool.


they knew teenagers:
they built this tent house
for their teenage son.

so he could have his own space
outside the main cabin.

teenage quarters

janine + mom

cranking the laundry

[do you love stella’s pigtails?]

daddy dons the
buffalo robe

stella, dad + john

stella was tickled
to put her
sun hat on daddy.

snow mountain ranch

the girls insisted we wash
our triplet outfits nightly
so we could wear them daily,
of course.

s’mores with meredith

chris preps us for
our adams’ fall hike

could you just eat those
friend children up?!

mer, will, caleb + henry,
thanks be to God for your
sweet lives. xo

hello, thumbnails;
our little laptop apparently thought
the photos were so scrumptuous
that it gobbled half of them up +
will only spit out littlebittycopies.

whew that i got
any back at all.

maybe cory can read it the
riot act when he comes.

*twomoresleeps till cory comes!!*