on godly men + women

14 . August . 2011

my fav payton asked a great q:
missionary books for pre-teen boys.

so i sauntered downstairs to where
mom had set out a sweet stack
of books she read to scott + i when
we were young,

. george mueller by bailey
. billy sunday: baseball preacher by stocker
. fanny crosby by dengler
. amy carmichael by white
. looking for home by a. richardson
. facing the dawn: the paul rice story

a few to read-through and
see if they’re still appropriate/relevant:

. sugar creek gang + the lost campers by p hutchens
. the danny orlis books by b palmer
. captain dailey’s crew by c massey
. cathy and carl and the seahorse mystery by d grunbock johnson

‘new to me’ ones on her shelf
[aka post-’92;
i’m snagging–er, temporarily borrowing–
these as well]

. adventures in odyssey
. the hattie collection by m frost
. the clubhouse collection edited by r seldomridge

oh, that a tidbit from any
of these stories will
lodge in their minds
make them curious about the
Lord and his staggering mercy…

ps – thanks for the push on this, ms. p. xx

pps – other book rec’s, pretty please?


2 Responses to “on godly men + women”

  1. Karen Says:

    Jandro read all the sugar creek gang and liked them. We do a series of missionary bios through Sonlight curriculum. Forget the title of the series right now. (not at home to check) but I’ll let you know.

  2. Pastor Charlene Says:

    Some of those books have titles that I gave to your folks a couple of years ago. Hope you and your children like them.

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