four weeks and counting [part 1. kansas city]

24 . August . 2011

4 children, check.
carry on’s + checked baggage, check.
made it through lga security, check.
left the apt in guest-ready form, check.

oh, baby,
here we come.

helpful nathan
to the rescue.

grandma + grandpa!

hum along:
everything’s up to date in
kansas city,
they’ve gone about as fer
as they can go…

the wonders of downtown parkville

uncle jacob reads ‘will + abe’

grandpa cates’ famous grilling;
their hospitality is
so refreshing.

sunday go-to-meetin’

great grandma freiheit’s,
inhale, exhale,
try not to cry;
i’m so happy to be here.

turning 97 and 6,

betsy loves the wall pictures
of us when we were young.

[the year my hair was straight]

lakin, ks

the flyleaf of the bible
on the dresser in our bedroom
inscribed by my grandma
and great grandma.

aunt kat + mom

my great grandpa fritz + great grandma grace (wilson) woodhams

breakfast @ the tasty pastry bakery,
the scene
in clay center, kansas.
[pop. 4334
and we’re related
to a good bit of them]

we had such fun.

[see gma + betsy? look for the white hair bow]

the farmers’ table continued to fill
until there were about 18 around it
when we left,
comparing ears of corn
and enjoying themselves immensely.

not to worry:
when we cousins were young
we checked off every single item
on this list.

sorry, little monkeys.

we love you, aunt kat.

axis + allies
went on for 3 days.

girls day
w/ grandma cates;
after the toy + miniature museum,
lunch @ the art + design museum
before heading to the nelson art gallery.

too much of a good thing?

cold melon soup,

[morv, you’d love this]

@ the nelson

mesmerized watching the scumack’s
being created before our very eyes,
though the jury’s still out
on their overall artistic appeal.

worlds of fun bound.

cool uncle jacob + 3 cousins
sprint up the driveway
to The Boys’ Car;

creaking up the prowler.

jacob + caroline

mental pictures
included here
[probably hard for you to see them,
but they’re vivid in my mind]

more photos of dick + barb  xoxo
great grandpa + marjorie
uncle danny + stacy
uncle ken + aunt beth
parker, parker, famous parker
and the boating adventure

we love you guys very much.

thanks again!

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