harris’ family reunion [part 5. black hills, south dakota]

24 . August . 2011

dinosaur park
rapid city, south dakota

built in 1936,
these crazy cement dinosaurs
on top of a mountain with
ridiculously beautiful
panoramic black hills views.

we’d wake up to
wild turkeys
right out our front doorstep.

did you know they sleep in trees?
i didn’t.

cousin marian gives henry
a harp lesson

thanks to all of the harris family
who came;
the kids and i learned so much
in this long weekend together
with them.

crocheted necklaces are all the rage:
marian + muriel were patient and enthusiastic teachers
and the kids have come home wanting to
continue knitting and crocheting
(no one’s mentioned the harp or xylophone yet,
i’m waiting.)

henry teaches 3 of my dad’s siblings
to play uno,

{while n + i taught others to settle}

cat’s cradle


storybook island
w/ two hand-fulls of cousins;
i’ve never seen anything like that,
two wackydelightful thumbs up.

swimming in the hot springs?

yes, we took
evan’s plunge.

the hilight:
the family worship service on sunday morning.

aunt esther + cousin marian on the piano.
hymn after rousing hymn, from the groups collective memory.
an intriguing few
i had never heard before.
and then daddy preached on
philip + the ethiopian eunuch,
acts 8:26-40.

i bet my kids can recount the message
almost in its entirety,
it was beautiful.
the holy spirit has long been
with my dad, guiding + filling him,
and sunday morning was a treat.

we’re very thankful for
4 special days together.

rim rock

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