meanwhile, back at the ranch

24 . August . 2011

record-setting rainfall @ home
with record-setting water
coming in the back of the house,

you know what that means:

it’s hammertime.

that is.

you say ‘water damage’
cory says ‘remodel’

you say ‘soggy carpets + sheetrock’
cory says ‘time to bustamove’

the space formerly known as
my office

the space formerly known as
our sweet bedroom,
sans wet-once-too-many-times carpet.

let the hammergames begin.

what wall?

sayonara, radiators.

jackhammer city.

whyhellothere, home depot.

bleached + waterproof-primed.

special thanks to
carrie, meg + em,
ted + nick,
and the sauls fam for loaning
their sweet ride for the
[verycareful] supply run.

architectural inspiration on
carrie’s bulletin.

we were talking about
knocking out the backs of
the 2 closets in formerly-our-room
to open up some light
into the living room
and she dreamed up this
clever scheme.

go, team.

ps – cory, thankyouthankyou.
and we wish we were there to
give you advil + backrubs.

let the
‘where in the world
are cory+kj sleeping’
games begin.

ps –
record rainfall +
an earthquake?

guys – be careful out there.
we love + miss you.

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  1. carol c. Says:

    wowzas! cory and the team are awesome-is all i can say! thanks for posting your excursions out west!

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