labor [literally] day

5 . September . 2011

want to see a wall come down?

sunday afternoon, 2:02p

former bedroom
future office/living area

after a long day’s work,
ready to go to the
Lord’s house to worship.

monday noon,
a working lunch
w the back of the house
(neatly) ripped out.

lu xo

lisa’s famous peach cobbler

impromptu dinner

special thanks to michael
for yet another day of
hard work pouring/mixing/slathering concrete
with cory.

lisa + em comparing tans.

adding people…

special thanks to
the crosby fam,
the sauls fam,
and the cross fam
for a fab-u-lous day
in garrison for
henry, caroline + betsy.

and a birthday cake to boot?

too. much. love.