la primera dia

8 . September . 2011

seventh-grade bound

but not without
smoochy kisses first.

i literally had to remind him,
‘please put your arms around me
and hug me back’

none of this one-way hugging;
it’s a big day for me!

the rest of us are
on our way.

henry (fourth grade) gets
dropped off at the front
door of the school
(no. parents. allowed.)

but the girls each go to their
separate class lines,
so meg + lisa were kind to
be caroline’s surrogate parent
while i went with boo.

b’s teacher, ms. f

hooray for a friend from
last year
(and j’s sister is
in caroline’s class,
love it.)

this morning,
cory read to us from
john 17.

holy father,
protect them by the
power of your name-
the name you gave me…

my prayer is not that you
take them out of the world
but that you protect them
from the evil one.

they are not of the world,
even as i am not of it.

sanctify them by the truth;
your word is truth.

as you sent me into the world,
i have sent them into the world.

– jesus, john 17:11, 15-18

grace’s ‘fight, flight or flourish’


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  1. welcome back. can’t wait to see the *after* shots. And to think… steve and i got to stay there *before.* can’t believe how much your kids have grown since i started reading your blog!

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