city seminary’s hope campus

11 . September . 2011

harlem-bound for the
*my stomach is tingling
just saying this great news*
soft opening of
city seminary’s
hope campus,
118-119 + frederick douglass,
2nd floor.

118th st classroom,
ready + waiting
for the fall’s new
ministry cohorts,

the corner classroom,
118/fred doug.

writing prayers on the wall
of the to-be-finished chapel.

5 models for
the prayer chapel

see the old seminary
in the background?

happy birthday, mark.

jeff’s tribute to mark
after 27 years of
friendship, he described him as
a passionate, devastatingly brilliant

minnow, sartorialist-style.

thank you to
harry, henry, caroline + betsy,
emily, russell + cheryl
for celebrating/coming with carrie and i.

thank you to cory + crew
for keeping up the strong work
at home while we partied about.


of jackhammers and caulk guns

11 . September . 2011

water, be gone!

special thanks
to the brown family
for loaning their sweet ride
for yet another home depot trip
late friday night
in prep for saturday’s work day.

special thanks
to our fellowship group community
for lending their good cheer and
strong arms on behalf of
operation water-be-gone
in apartment 1.

what a generous help + encouragement
you are to us; thank you.

team henry + harry:

they had been looking forward
to doing this for days;
prying that wood off
all. by. themselves.
and following that with
the pipe, again,
all. by. themselves.

christina + regan
scrape the bricks
with wire brushes.

persevering anita
spent almost 3 hrs
right in that exact spot,
meticulously scrubbing, prepping,
and then caulking the crumbly mortar.

framing and copper tubing,
ready and waiting.

maurice + nate
manned the jackhammer
a good part of the day;
i bet their teeth are
still chattering.

, guys.

fresh off their
two week italian honeymoon,
lovebirds john + shannon
jump right in;

bagging + schlepping
the jackhammer debris
from the basement.

go, team!

very, very gratefully,

‘give peace a chance’

11 . September . 2011

i couldn’t take my
eyes off him
as he was getting ready
for his first-ever ypc concert
on friday after school,
he’s growing and
maturing right before
our eyes.

the open-air concert
at the corner of central park
and columbus circle,
merchant’s gate,
was part of the 9/11 rememberances
around the city.

and what courage it must’ve taken
to get up in the middle of nyc
surrounded by strangers
and sing.

well done, ypc-ers.
well done, pretty bethany!

photocredit: cjl

cutest photocredit: cjl

while carrie + em took
nathan to 16 handles to
celebrate his first concert,
i took these four adorable
to get pizza and
eat at the playground.

photocredit: cjl

a spectacular friday evening.