city seminary’s hope campus

11 . September . 2011

harlem-bound for the
*my stomach is tingling
just saying this great news*
soft opening of
city seminary’s
hope campus,
118-119 + frederick douglass,
2nd floor.

118th st classroom,
ready + waiting
for the fall’s new
ministry cohorts,

the corner classroom,
118/fred doug.

writing prayers on the wall
of the to-be-finished chapel.

5 models for
the prayer chapel

see the old seminary
in the background?

happy birthday, mark.

jeff’s tribute to mark
after 27 years of
friendship, he described him as
a passionate, devastatingly brilliant

minnow, sartorialist-style.

thank you to
harry, henry, caroline + betsy,
emily, russell + cheryl
for celebrating/coming with carrie and i.

thank you to cory + crew
for keeping up the strong work
at home while we partied about.

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