‘give peace a chance’

11 . September . 2011

i couldn’t take my
eyes off him
as he was getting ready
for his first-ever ypc concert
on friday after school,
he’s growing and
maturing right before
our eyes.

the open-air concert
at the corner of central park
and columbus circle,
merchant’s gate,
was part of the 9/11 rememberances
around the city.

and what courage it must’ve taken
to get up in the middle of nyc
surrounded by strangers
and sing.

well done, ypc-ers.
well done, pretty bethany!

photocredit: cjl

cutest photocredit: cjl

while carrie + em took
nathan to 16 handles to
celebrate his first concert,
i took these four adorable
to get pizza and
eat at the playground.

photocredit: cjl

a spectacular friday evening.

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