of jackhammers and caulk guns

11 . September . 2011

water, be gone!

special thanks
to the brown family
for loaning their sweet ride
for yet another home depot trip
late friday night
in prep for saturday’s work day.

special thanks
to our fellowship group community
for lending their good cheer and
strong arms on behalf of
operation water-be-gone
in apartment 1.

what a generous help + encouragement
you are to us; thank you.

team henry + harry:

they had been looking forward
to doing this for days;
prying that wood off
all. by. themselves.
and following that with
the pipe, again,
all. by. themselves.

christina + regan
scrape the bricks
with wire brushes.

persevering anita
spent almost 3 hrs
right in that exact spot,
meticulously scrubbing, prepping,
and then caulking the crumbly mortar.

framing and copper tubing,
ready and waiting.

maurice + nate
manned the jackhammer
a good part of the day;
i bet their teeth are
still chattering.

, guys.

fresh off their
two week italian honeymoon,
lovebirds john + shannon
jump right in;

bagging + schlepping
the jackhammer debris
from the basement.

go, team!

very, very gratefully,

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